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Red (Black Tailed Red)
Red as a colour variety is hardly ever seen in the Netherlands. This colour must be the same as the Rhode Island Red’s, i.e. the tail is black therefore not uniformly red as shown by the above drawing.

Buff Columbian
Buff columbian is the same as the regular columbian or light except that all white plumage is replaced by as uniform a buff colour as possible.
Buff columbian is recognised in the bantam Leghorns only.

The speckled is a colour which recently managed to attract the attention of some bantam Leghorn breeders. This colour was previously called ‘red speckled’, but the actual birds were rather of the classic speckled shade rather than the red one. This is the reason why the colour’s denomination was changed. This colour can be generally described as intense ochre, with a white pearl over a black spangle on each feather. The cock’s tail is black with a white pearl on as many feathers as possible.

Columbian or Light
The columbian is a colour which we seldom see in the Netherlands. However, it still manages to show up occasionally at exhibitions.
The columbian or light comes in two varieties, both with and without saddle pattern. The columbian Leghorn is required to have no saddle pattern (see picture).
These specimens are virtually white. The neck hackle is black with white lacing, the wings are also black with white lacing on the outer web, the tail is black too with glossy green greater sickles while the hen’s lesser sickles and tail coverts are white-laced black. The down goes from white to light blueish grey.

There are few breeders of this variety in the Netherlands.
The background colour is barred dark gray, where every feather has regular, narrow, equally wide greyish white oblique stripes running next to each other. These light and dark oblique stripes must be equally wide.

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